Seating Charts

Main Theatre

The Main Dinner Theatre is Chanhassen’s largest theatre with seating for 540 people on the main floor and an additional 36 people in the Director’s Suites overlooking the theatre. Please note that tables in the 100 section are located below stage level. Also please inquire about our private VIP Suite for up to 4 guests! Most tables seat four or six people. Most semi-circle booths are sold to parties of four only. However, there are a handful of booths that can be sold to parties of two or three, as noted on the chart.

There are a few private tables for two, but typically most parties of two share with others at tables of four or six. Dinner is served prior to the start of the performance. There is no dining room service during the production. For reference when purchasing tickets for a table for six, (as opposed to a booth) seats 1 & 2 are closest to the stage, seats 3 & 4 the middle, and seats 5 & 6 are furthest from the stage.

Main Stage Seating Chart Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Fireside Theatre

The Fireside Theatre seats approximately 236 guests and is the only theatre where dinner is served in a separate dining room. Private tables are available for parties of up to eight people. The seating diagram shown here is the actual theatre, which is arranged much like a movie theatre. Comfortable continental-style seating is featured with ample legroom between rows.

Fireside Theatre Seating Chart Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Playhouse Theatre

The Playhouse Theatre is Chanhassen’s most intimate theatre space – seating 126 guests. Enjoy dinner in the same seats from which you view the show. Private tables are available for parties of up to eight people. Booths seat a maximum of four. Cocktail and dining service is available in The Playhouse throughout the show.

Playhouse seating chart web 2024
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